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Maryland Heating Repairs, heat pump repair Bethesda, MD

Maryland Heating RepairsThere are various things that could go wrong with your heating system. If your furnace is broken and in needs a professional residential heating repair company in Maryland, just give Maryland Heating Repair a call. We have been in business for many years and are all licensed, bonded and insured. Throughout our years, we have helped Potomac, nc customers with all sorts of heating repair Maryland, including:

  • Central heating repairs

  • Gas heating repair

  • Heating unit replacement

  • Heating maintenance

  • Complete heating replacement

Our heat pump repair Bethesda, MD crew are very knowledgeable about different brands and models of heating systems, including Multi-Zone heating systems, Trane heating systems, Carrier heating systems, Lennox heating systems and Puron heating systems. Whatever is wrong with your residential heating unit, Maryland Heating Repair can assist you.

Heating Unit common problems

As mentioned, there are many reasons why your central heating unit may not be working correctly. If you notice certain things about your furnace flue repairs, you may be able to pinpoint the problem. For instance, if you notice that your gas heater isn't cutting on, it could be due to lack of power, the switch is off, the motor has overloaded, there isn't sufficient gas or the pilot light may be out.

If your gas heating system isn't providing enough heat to your home, it could be because your thermostat is set too low, has a dirty filter, the blower is clogged, has a closed or blocked register or its system could be out of balance. If the burner is dirty, you should give our heating repair Maryland company a call today. This could also cause your heating unit to be noisy.

If the problem with your furnace is the pilot light it could be due to lack of gas, the pilot opening may be blocked, the thermocouple is faulty or loose, the flame is too low or the electric pilot may be faulty. If the latter is true, you will need us to come and do the gas heating repair for you. Whenever you have a problem with your thermostat, we can come out to do a heating thermostat replacement for you.

A dirty filter or motor/blower that needs to be lubricated can cause your furnace to turn on and off repeatedly. If the blower won't stop running, you may need a professional to come by to adjust the limit controls. If you are looking to save money and energy for your home, you should look into energy efficient heating systems. With that being said, you should know that we are able to assist you with repairing, replacing and installing these heating units as well. The next time you need gas heating repair, central heating unit repair or furnace repair, give Maryland Heating Repair a call.

Maryland Appliance Repairs
Maryland Appliance Repairs
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Maryland Appliance Repairs
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